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Sustainable Façade Living

Building from Zero to Hero. Our company dynamize and focus for the quality as main mission is to make your lifestyle perfect.

About Us

Technasma is a surrounding of people with vision and desire to deliver design and architecture to the society.

We construct fundamental projects invenstring on modern technologies and styles.

Our Company has tradition on façade building industry over 30 years passing from generation to generation.

Façade Construction

Facades are extensively used in commercial and residential buildings to protect the interior and provide a visually appealing outer architecture.

Architectural & Domical Designs

Our group of architects and engineers is trained appropriate to serve the public and after discussing with the customer end up to the solution.

Consulting & Real Estate

Managing properties is our field during the last decates. Providing to you advises and solutions can make your properties more valuable and worthly.

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  • Anafis 27, Athens, 11256
  • info@technasma.gr