Marinou Str. Elliniko


Project Description

Marinou Project is located next to the high development of the Ellinikon urban area one of the most promishing metropolitan parks in the world.
Emphasis is placed on the architectural and ergonomical solutions that minimize discomfort and beauty the daily routine of the users.

Focusing on passive and smart houses, creating a smooth living for citizens. The building volume comes in such a way that makes you feel harmony and comfortable.

The building is separated to two parts, the North and the South part with divider symmetrically the staircase area.

Each part includes 1 luxury apartment that has its own balconies and infinity view.
In the following table you can distinguish the facilities and benefits of the apartments by name.



Square meters



1st and 2nd

Heating system

Αυτονομία Φυσικό Αέριο/Αντλία Θερμότητος

You can check more benefits and details of the apparments on our Availability Board in main menu of the website.

Project plans